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We would like to share the great time we had at Spring Break camp.   

We learned about living with the Bears in SWFL.  Arts and crafts,  science projects

and More!  We cant wait until summer!  

Thank you for Ritas Transporation for getting the kids to camp and home safely.   


BEARY SCARY! But we were all Brave and learned that Bears are not mean and they need to be left alone and not provoked. Dont feed them, and walk away don't run, and go inside to a safe place until it leaves.

Brave Cave!

Look out for the BEARS!

Nature Hike!

Miss Frankie shares some safety rules, and what to bring with you on a hike. We discovered prints which we believe were bear and panther paws!


Bear Paw on the trail

Hanging out at the Rock !

The pond features a great spot to sit around and have fun strike up the conversation. Take some selfies!

Panther Paw Prints ?
Relaxation Rock

Campers enjoy resting at The Rock.


Sports and Recreation includes daily choice of volleyball, soccer, corn hole, horseshoes, mini golf, and more.

Fun Outdoors

Free time can include reading, drawing, and enjoy making friends.

Arts and Crafts

Today we discovered that we are all like rocks! We are all different on the out side, but on the inside we are like a beautiful Jewel. God created us all special.

We are like beautiful jewels on the insi
Science Project - Making a cyclone
Watering Horses

Camper earning a Boy Scout badge for caring for animals.

Coco the Macaw

Coco says "Hello!" and loves to meet new friends. He loves to dance too! Favorite song is "Jesus Loves Me! "

Zion the Lion Fountain

Having a cool down at the fountain. Telling Jokes.

PRHS  Volunteers  ROCK!

Thanks ALANA and JENNY! You're AWESOME!

Rita's Provides Safe Transportation
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Image 1-16-21 at 7.26 AM (1).jpg

     Summer Camp 2021 

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